Can I leave my parcel unattended in a safe place for collection?

Most of the couriers we work with will collect a parcel that you leave in a safe place, but you do so at your own risk.

You must leave a signed and dated note on your front door alerting the driver where the parcel can be found.

Note: You should also be aware that it will always be at the driver’s discretion whether or not they choose to pick up the parcel.

The collecting driver should leave a signed receipt at your residence after picking up your parcel, but in reality, they do not always do so.

At the point of booking you can also enter ‘special instructions’ for the collecting driver to help them locate your parcel. If you have already made your booking, amend your shipment to include special instructions.

Courier specific guidelines

In addition to leaving a signed and dated note, please note the following special conditions for each courier:


Depending where the driver collects from, the parcel may need to be left open so they can perform a security check. This means you will normally have to hand over the parcel to the driver.


If the driver is collecting the parcel from outside of the UK they will call the shipper before they pick up the parcel. You can pass on any instructions to them at this point.


FedEx are unlikely to collect a parcel they find outside of a property. We recommend only doing this as a last resort.

Points to consider:

  • If the courier does not leave a receipt and your parcel does not scan, there is no proof that the driver collected the parcel and you will be unable to claim compensation for loss.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your parcel is stolen from the place where you left it.

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