Can I change my parcel collection date?

Prior to collection you can change the collection date or amend your shipment details by visiting our collections page. When changing your collection date, you should be aware:

  1. You can only book a parcel collection a maximum of five working days (some couriers include Saturday as a working day) from the day you book.
  2. You can rebook your collection any time after making your original booking.
  3. If you change collection date on the day your parcel is meant to be collected, you may be charged a fee, which you will be advised of.

Changing collection date for a EVRi delivery

EVRi will attempt collection three days in a row. If you want to rebook your collection you cannot rebook it for any of those three days, as they will attempt to collect your package then anyway.

Changing the collection date for a collection that has failed

If your parcel collection fails, you may have to pay a rebooking fee and rebook the collection.

Charges for changing collection date

There are no charges for changing collection date if your collection is booked for a future date, but charges may apply if you’re changing on the day collection is due.

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