Can the driver refuse to collect my parcel because it needs two people to lift it and I can't help?

Some parcels are so big or heavy that they require two people to lift, otherwise they could injure the collecting driver and potentially damage the contents.

Unfortunately, ParcelHero is not able to provide a two-man delivery service, so if your parcel is particularly large and heavy, you must provide assistance with loading it onto the collecting vehicle.

If you cannot provide assistance then the driver may refuse to load it onto the van. They are within their rights to do so, and you have the following options should they refuse:

  • Provide assistance in loading.
  • If you have entered the wrong size or weight for your parcel then the courier may not have sent an appropriate vehicle. Rebook your shipment with the correct details and rearrange collection with an appropriate vehicle, though you may still be required to provide assistance with loading.
  • Put your parcel on a pallet and amend your shipment to include the pallet dimensions (this will cost more). A new collection will be booked, and your parcel will be loaded using a pallet truck. Learn more about shipping pallets.
  • Rebook your order and add special instructions to your order requesting that the driver brings a trolley to assist with collection. We will then request this, though it is still not guaranteed.
  • Cancel your shipment and request a refund.

Note:  Parcels that are heavier than 25kg or longer than 120cm are oversize packages, and require assistance in loading. We also ask that you put a ‘heavy package’ sticker on these parcels.

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