Will the courier come inside to collect my parcel?

Unless you have a reception within a large campus such as a hospital, school or university, or your collection address is in an office building; the collecting driver will not come inside to collect your parcel.

You need to have your parcel ready at the entrance of your property for the driver to collect.

Will the driver come into my office?

The driver will only enter your office building as far as the reception.

If your office is not on the ground floor and there are no lifts, it is at the driver’s discretion whether they climb the stairs or not. Carrying heavy parcels down stairs can be dangerous.

Will the driver come into a hospital to collect?

Some drivers may come to a ward to collect, but they will normally only collect from the ‘goods in’ entrance or reception.

Note: You must ensure that you clearly reference the ward and department the parcel is being collected from on the parcel.

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