Why have my shipment tracking scans not updated?

If your parcel has been collected and your scans are not being updated, it could be because:

  1. You used another tracking number
    1. If you were issued with a manual label by the collecting courier you need to contact us to inform us of your new tracking number.
  2. Sometimes a shipment may miss a scan. This is not a cause for alarm, but could delay scans for up to 24 hours. If there is no update for longer than 24 hours, contact us below.
  3. If the shipment is going to a remote area or an unusual international destination, the carrier may use a sub-contractor for the 'final mile' delivery. Scans may be delayed, or in some cases, there will be no delivery scan at all. If the shipment is not delivered on its due date, and there are still no scans, contact us.

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