What is a commercial invoice or customs invoice?

International shipments travel through customs and may incur import duty and tax.

Your customs invoice tells the customs officials in the destination country what you are shipping. It also tells them the value of your parcel and the reason you are shipping it; they will use this information to determine how much (if any) duty and tax to charge.

We automatically generate your customs invoice, based on the information you provide when you book.

You need to provide details of each item you are shipping; the quantity and value.

Every country has different customs regulations, and many have exemptions for low value items, personal effects and gifts. For more information check our guide to your destination country, or contact the destination customs office.  

Note: Customs charges are normally billed to the receiver, however we can also provide a service to billed them back to the shipper, but this is a chargeable service. Learn more

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