Why have you added a surcharge to my shipment?

When you get a quote from ParcelHero, most surcharges are included in the quoted price.

What charges are applied during the booking process?

Remote area surcharges may be applied if you do not add postcodes on the initial quote screen. This is a small fee which is applied when the place you are shipping to is in a remote location, meaning the courier has to travel further, using more time and fuel.

Residential charges are applied once we know your addresses. This is a small surcharge applied by some couriers for collecting from or delivering to a residential address. Couriers add this charge because residential collections and deliveries are more likely to fail than business ones. Currently the only one of our couriers that applies this charge are UPS & TNT.

What charges are applied after the shipment is sent?

If, during the booking process, the wrong weight or dimensions are entered, new surcharges may be added during the shipping process.

If we are unable to deliver your shipment, having tried all available options, then you are liable for a £5 surcharge, plus the cost of return shipping.

If you failed to hand over your shipment at booked collection then you will be liable to a surcharge for rebooking collection.

Amendments to your order details, including address corrections, also carry a charge.

Note: For more information and a full list of possible additional charges, including handling and customs fees, visit our surcharges page.

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