Where can I get assistance with completing the claim form?

How to raise a claim

Read this article to find out how to raise a claim.

Where to get a claim form

Download the claim form here: https://www.parcelhero.com/download.aspx?file=ParcelHero_Claim_Form.pdf

How to fill in the claim form

Our claim form is straightforward to fill out, simply enter the relevant details into the correct boxes. Most of these boxes will require you to enter information that you provided when you booked your delivery.

Note: Please ignore both the YOUR REF and Booking No boxes on the form; they are for office admin.

Where to submit the claim form

Email your completed form to: pkginfo@parcelhero.com

What happens next

If you provide us with all the correct supporting documents, we aim to contact you with the results of your claim within 14 days.

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