Shipments travelling via Haverhill

What is the Haverhill Sortation Centre?

Some of our shipments travel via our Haverhill sortation centre. While your parcel is there, we check paperwork and perform pre-screening of some shipments before they continue their journey.

Who will collect my parcel travelling via Haverhill?

Collections to Haverhill are done by multiple providers, but the super economy collections are done by EVRi. You can select the service info icon when you book to see which courier will be collecting.

Is it any slower for my package to go via Haverhill?

Travelling via Haverhill does not affect the transit time of your package.

Paperwork when your parcel goes via Haverhill

Your initial parcel label will be addressed to the Haverhill depot and you will not have any customs invoices to print out when shipping via Haverhill. For your convenience, we’ll print out and attach your customs paperwork to your parcel at the sortation centre.

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