How do I tell if a delay was the carrier's fault?

When there is a delay, there are a variety of reasons that this may be the case:

Shipper errors

  • An incorrect address was provided
  • An invalid phone number was provided
  • Collection failed as you were not in

Receiver errors

  • Not there to receive delivery
  • Secured entrance and courier unable to gain access
  • Didn't answer phone when courier called for directions

Force Majeure

  • Bad weather
  • Technical issue with aircraft or delivery vehicle
  • Road accident
  • Held in customs

Carrier error

  • The parcel was miss-routed - sent to the wrong depot or area
  • The driver didn't turn up to collect
  • The driver didn't manage to attempt delivery as they ran out of time
  • When the shipment was not delivered on the due date, but there are no scans to indicate that a shipper/receiver or force majeure incurred delay

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