What happens if I dispute the size or weight that I have been charged?

When your parcel reaches a courier depot it is scanned to verify its size and weight. If your parcel’s measurements do not match the dimensions that you gave when you booked your delivery then transporting it will cost more and we will invoice you for the additional cost.

If you do not agree with the couriers audited weight and dimensions you can contest them, however you will need to provide evidence to support your claim.

  • If you have been billed on volumetric weight, we need images of the item, showing each side measured with a tape measure (So we can clearly see the measurements point to point). The label also needs to be visible.
  • If you have been billed on actual weight, we need an image of the item, showing it on a set of scales, with the weight displayed. The label also needs to be visible.

After we have received your submitted evidence, we will raise a query with the courier. If your contest is successful, we will refund the charges and no further action will be taken.

The courier’s decision is final, if they reject the appeal, you will be liable for the charges.

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