Can I send a bicycle by courier?

Yes, you can send a bicycle via courier, as with anything you send through ParcelHero, it must be packaged correctly.

How do I package a bicycle for shipping?

To package your bike, follow these steps:

  • Remove racks, drinks bottle holders, bike lights and mudguards.
  • Leave a good amount of air in the tyres so there's some cushioning
  • Complete handle bar assembly, along with front wheel must be removed, individually wrapped and secured to frame. Secure the wrapped handlebar (and other loose parts) to the frame using tape and plastic ties.
  • After removing the handlebar, rotate the fork and stem so they are facing backwards.
  • Shift the bicycle chain onto the small chain ring and largest rear cog, before attempting to remove the pedals.
  • Turn the right pedal counter-clockwise and the left pedal clockwise, to un-thread. Now remove and wrap the pedals.
  • Loosen and remove the seat post and seat as a unit. Once removed, re-tighten the seat post bolt so the seat does not fall out.
  • Additional protection and cushioning should be applied to the derailer assembly at the rear wheel axle and at the sprocket assembly located at the pedal base.
  • The frame should be wrapped or covered with foam or pipe insulation.
  • It is important to place your bike in a strong corrugated box. Wrap everything in as much bubble wrap as you can.
  • It is recommended to box within a box any smaller parts and components to further prevent damage, scratches and / or fall outs.
  • Include the serial number of the bike (or bike parts) when you fill out the shipping information before you complete the ParcelHero booking process.

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