Why is the address that I entered not working?

When there is a problem with the address, it is often because there is an error with the destination postcode or city that has been entered. Make 100% sure that the postcode and city that you have entered are totally correct.

Note: Often postcode errors can be caused by adding extra characters at the start of the postcode, or symbols, such as a dash, in the middle

When filling in the address you must be sure to include a valid city. Entering just numbers or symbols, or simply a full stop, in the city section of the form will result in an error.

If we are unable to validate the address that you have entered, we do our best to offer you a suggested address. All of our partner carriers use different address formats, so small differences could cause an error.

If you choose not to use the suggested address you can continue with your booking, but this may result in extra charges or delays.

If you believe you have shipped to this address with the same carrier, but we are stating it's not an option, please report this to our customer service team.

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