How does ParcelHero Membership work?

When you make a ParcelHero account, you are automatically entered into ParcelHero’s loyalty program. The more you send with ParcelHero, the more you save thanks to your membership. Here’s how it works: 

  • As soon as you send your first shipment, your membership has started, and you have three months to collect points to maintain your level, or progress to the next level. 
  • Each membership levels entitles you to different levels of discount. 
  • If you don’t earn enough points to maintain your membership level in those three months, your account will be downgraded to the previous membership level. 
  • To get your discount, all you need to do is log in when making your booking. 
  • Check how many points you have at any time, simply by logging in. 

You can read full details of each membership level and its benefits here. 

By reaching the highest levels of membership (Diamond), you can be saving an extra 8% on every booking that you make. 

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