Can I change my courier so I can use a drop off service instead?

To switch to a drop off service, enter your tracking number into ParcelHero’s collection page. If your parcel is eligible for a drop off service, you will be able to select “Find My Nearest Drop Off” and select a location to drop off your parcel.


If the “Find My Nearest Drop Off” option is not present, you may still be able to use a drop off service by selecting our 'Amend shipment' feature, you will then be taken to our quote page, where you can select the 'Drop off' tab to see all drop off options. Learn more about amending your shipment here.


Note: If you don’t see the “Drop Off” filter or the “Find My Nearest Drop Off” option, your package may be too large for a drop off service, and will have to be collected.

Read more about the size and weight restrictions on drop off services

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