I rebooked my collection because the courier didn't turn up, what happens now?

When you re-book a failed collection and choose the courier didn't arrive we automatically open an investigation with the courier company.

Note: The courier that you chose when you booked your collection is responsible for carrying out this investigation, their decision is final and made without ParcelHero's input.

Many courier companies have GPS tracking on their vehicles and can check the driver's route on the day to make sure that they visited your address. The courier will use all the evidence at its disposal to make a decision on whether or not the fault is with you or the collection driver.

We do not charge you immediately for re-booking, however we do pre-authorise your card for the re-booking fee, only if the appeal is unsuccessful will your card be charged.

We understand how frustrating it can be to have an unsuccessful collection and there are numerous reasons why this can happen. Drivers have a short amount of time as they often have a large quantity of stops to make.

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