Rebooking Collection

If you need to rebook collection, please visit our collections page where you can do the following:

  1. Rebook collection
  2. Change the collection date
  3. Find a drop off location (If eligible)
  4. Amend any details of your shipment including changing the courier
  5. Cancel your shipment

Some couriers charge a rebooking fee, so if your collection has failed, if available, you can avoid any rebooking fee by dropping off at a local shop.

Note: For security reasons, we are unable to rebook collections on your behalf.

How to re-book collection for another date

  • Enter your tracking number into our collections page
  • Select “Rebook collection” and select the reason for rebooking
  • If available, you can opt to drop off, otherwise you can choose collection and select a date.

Tip: If you login before visiting our collections page, you can save time as you will not need to enter any security information.


What are the charges for rebooking collection?

Courier Service

Rebooking Charge







UPS Next Day Collection


UPS Same Day Collection


Note: You will not need to rebook collection if your EVRi shipment has not been collected. EVRi makes three collection attempts as standard, so they will try again the following day.

Why do I have to pay a charge to rebook collection?

Failed collections cost the courier time and resources and therefore money. They pass those costs on to us and we pass them on to you. 

If I cancel my shipment and book again, do I have to pay cancellation fees?

The cancellation fee is non-refundable. However, if you think you are going to be rebooking your collection, then we recommend you don't cancel. Visit our collections page and use the ‘rebook collection’ option.

When can I appeal rebooking charges?

If you missed the driver or the driver refused your package, you will not be able to appeal the charges. However, if your courier failed to arrive; you should not be charged a rebooking fee.

At the point of rebooking, you can lodge an appeal, and we will not take payment until the carrier has reviewed your appeal. Many of our partner couriers can track their drivers, so they will be able to verify that the collecting driver did not visit your address.

Note: To avoid rebooking charges you can often drop your parcel off at a drop off point. This is courier-dependant and your parcel must fit the specifications set out by the courier. 

Changing from collection to a drop off service

If your booking was with UPS®, DPD, ParcelForce or EVRi, you may be able drop off your parcel at your local drop off point. Your parcel will need to be within the drop off size and weight limits. You can use the label you already have – you won’t need a new one.

To find your nearest drop off point, visit our collections page and select “Find my nearest drop off”.


If you haven’t booked with these carriers, you will need to amend your booking from our collections page.

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