The driver didn’t wait for my parcel to be ready

We are sorry that the driver did not wait for your parcel. Drivers often make hundreds of collections and deliveries every day. This puts them on a very tight schedule, which can prevent them from waiting long at any one address.

Unfortunately, you will now need to rebook collection, and this will may incur additional charges which we understand can be frustrating. Learn more

The driver rang the door but didn’t wait for me to answer

We understand if can be frustrating if the driver does not give you time to get to your door. Sometimes drivers are too hasty and just assume there is no one home.  Please bear in mind it is in the driver's interest to collect your parcel on the first attempt, as returning at a later date costs the courier time and money.

Unfortunately, from the courier’s perspective, if they knock on your door or ring your bell, and you do not answer in time, they consider this your fault, and it’s then up to you to rebook.

My parcel was not ready

If your package is not ready for collection, which could include:

  • Not properly packaged
  • Labels not attached
  • Paperwork (such as customs forms) not printed

The driver may not be able to wait for you to fix these issues. We recommend you have your package ready by your door to be collected.

I didn’t manage to get the parcel ready before the courier arrives, what do I do?

Remember, your collection could happen any time during the courier's collection window, which is often all day, so it is best to have your parcel ready to be picked up at any time.

If you’re not ready, 'popping out' for a few minutes could result in you missing them and your collection failing, so try to make sure you have everything you need when you make your booking.

You will need to ensure that your item is properly packaged in suitable packaging and has the correct shipping labels and paperwork securely attached.

If you cannot do so, for many deliveries you can avoid having to wait in for collection by switching to a drop off service for no extra charge.

What happens if the driver has already left?

If your parcel was not ready for collection when the driver arrived and they did not collect it, you must rebook your collection. We understand it is frustrating when your collection fails, and we try to make it as simple as possible to rebook. However, if a collection attempt was made, you may have to pay a fee.

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