How do I weigh and measure my parcel?

Weigh your parcel

Use a kitchen scale or any other reliable scale to measure the weight of your parcel.


Measure your parcel

Now measure the 3 dimensions of your parcel with a ruler or DIY measuring tape. 


Measure edge to edge to get the most accurate measurements. If the parcel is bulging, then you should measure at the widest point. 

 guitar.jpgNote: If your parcel is bulging it means the box is strained, and we recommend repacking in a bigger or stronger box to avoid damage in transit.

Take photos of your parcel

When weighing and measuring your parcel, we recommend taking photos or video of the process. The courier will audit the details you provide, and if there is a difference then you may be charged. If you have kept photos or a video then you will be able to appeal the charge.  Photos are also really useful if the box does get lost in transit and the courier needs to locate it.


Make sure that the photos or video:

  • Shows the entire length of the side being measured, with the measuring tape or ruler in shot
  • Includes all three dimensions of the box – length, width and height
  • Shows the label attached to the box
  • Shows the weight of the parcel on a scale

: Couriers charge you on the size of the parcel or the volumetric weight of the parcel. They will use whichever measurement is the greatest. Use our volumetric calculator to find out your parcel’s volumetric weight

Further points to consider

  1. If you have an oddly shaped parcel, measure it as though it was in the smallest box that it could fit inside of.
  2. If you are shipping a pallet include the pallet in both the weight and the measurements.
  3. If you are sending a suitcase or bag, include any straps or handles in your measurements.

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